Furnishing apartments



We have great experience in furnishing apartments in Budapest. Our interior designer, Anita Csorba has 6 years experience on this field, supplies unique design for each apartment for rent suited for customer’s needs on the agreed quality, suitable for Budapest apartments for rent at reasonable price. Please have a look to our pictures, a selection from more than 70 apartments of our references (Castrum house, Kazinczy apartments, Gozsdu udvar, etc).

We deliver unique interior designfor each apartment, every apartment is handled with special care. We provide individual and flexible furnishing packages, finding the best compromise within your budget, in order to achieve the desired rental fee. The successful interior design probably one of the key factor for the clients when selecting the apartments for rent. We also do block furnishing.
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(quotation for furnishing and refurbishment is free of charge)

In addition, we have completed a dozen of refurbishments as well, with 1 year guarantee period. We working with the same team, reliable and professional masters. Contact us for more details and prices!



All our flexible furnishing packages provide a complete property furnishing service, turn-key delivery even under just 2 weeks (subject to availability of the selected furniture). The complete furnishing quotation is very precise containing all furniture, from beds and wardrobes till knifes and forks, ironing board, microwave, and every small pieces, accessories, based on our experience, what the potential tenant is looking for.

For a detailed quotation please do not hesitate to contact us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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